long island vinyl siding contractor


We offer a variety of siding for your home. Various styles and colors are available along with insulated and long length siding to give you home as few seams as possible. See our steps below on how we strive to achieve this:


I. First we remove all existing siding down to the bare wood.
2. We then cover the house sheathing with a house wrap (which both are better then traditional tar paper because they allow the house to breathe)
3. Then we cover the house with insulation board depending on the thickness the R value changes. The energy savings will pay for the insulation over time.
4. Cover all wood. window frames, rakes, etc. with form fitting PVC coated aluminum.
5. We then begin to cover the house with vinyl siding. (horizontal, vertical or shake) depending on customer preference.
6. Cover soffits with vented or non-vented vinyl.
7. Shutters and other ornamental coverings are always an available option.